Sunday, May 24, 2015

denton Deluxe Volume II 2007

Cover art by Nevada Hill

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

denton Deluxe Volume I 2007

from dentonrecordchroniclechronicles by fishboy

Strawberry Fields was a record/book/DVD store/head shop in a bright green building on the corner of West Oak and Bonnie Brae. Shortly after opening, the place found a home in the local music scene by booking DIY shows to bring in traffic. Along with the shows came a series of compilations of local groups. Vol I and II give a pretty accurate representation of the scene at the time. Most of the bands have now evaporated with a few exceptions, mostly singer songwriters that are unable to breakup. A few band members went on to other projects, the most notable being Alan Palomo of Ghosthustler and now Neon Indian. I only ventured into Strawberry Fields a few times and regret not going more now that have a greater appreciation for the value of a good DIY space.

Sadly, the only real story I have is of my old roommate coming home with a Criterion edition of Straw Dogs that he said he rented out of the green shack up the street. He was really proud of himself. 

it's like The Tomato never burned down

denton Deluxe was a music compilation curated by the short lived store/venue Strawberry Fields. The series spanned five volumes over two years and more than 130 tracks. Over the next few weeks we will be making each volume available for free to download.

These tracks were all submitted by the artist as part of this experiment.

Might post some old pictures and stuff too. Maybe Volume VI can get rolling soon...