Wednesday, March 25, 2015

denton Deluxe Volume I 2007

from dentonrecordchroniclechronicles by fishboy

Strawberry Fields was a record/book/DVD store/head shop in a bright green building on the corner of West Oak and Bonnie Brae. Shortly after opening, the place found a home in the local music scene by booking DIY shows to bring in traffic. Along with the shows came a series of compilations of local groups. Vol I and II give a pretty accurate representation of the scene at the time. Most of the bands have now evaporated with a few exceptions, mostly singer songwriters that are unable to breakup. A few band members went on to other projects, the most notable being Alan Palomo of Ghosthustler and now Neon Indian. I only ventured into Strawberry Fields a few times and regret not going more now that have a greater appreciation for the value of a good DIY space.

Sadly, the only real story I have is of my old roommate coming home with a Criterion edition of Straw Dogs that he said he rented out of the green shack up the street. He was really proud of himself. 

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